Dispute resolution by professionals

It is now over ten years since the construction industry embraced adjudication as a (normally!) quick, straightforward way of resolving disputes. We are conversant with the law relating to this specialist field and can help advise on your position, whether acting as the party making a claim or defending one, and act as your advocate through the process. There are many technical issues that need to be considered that can harm the unwary.

  • Is there a right to adjudicate?
  • Is the right question being referred to the adjudicator?
  • Has the process been followed correctly?
  • Does the evidence support the claim?
  • Who has the burden of proof?
  • Is there a defence to the claim that needs to be considered?
  • Has the adjudicator made a 'slip' that can be corrected?
  • Can the adjudicator's decision be enforced by the courts?

We are pleased to assist in these areas and can provide quick, concise and relatively inexpensive reviews in these matters and explain in simple terms what it all means.

Of course we can also prepare the relevant documents in compliance with the relevant rules to the adjudication and appear on your behalf in front of the adjudicator.