The essence of quantity surveying

At Prostruction Commercial Services, we believe in measurement and valuation as being the essence of good commercial management.

Measurement applies to all aspects of construction - estimating, account management, procurement, programming, risk identification - and is sadly becoming a dying art. We are able to offer measurement support, whether as a checking process or to support an account or tender. This "quantum" work is the essence of good construction commercial management.

We are particularly adept in weighting up reinforcing bending schedules and the like, and offer a fast and good value service for this.

Equally, proper valuation work is increasingly rare. Whether at estimating stage, or during account management, getting quotes from other companies and applying a percentage addition is so common. The standard forms of contract rarely look to apply this method, and it is frequently not commercially advantageous anyway! Whether in support of your account to your customer, or reviewing an account from your supply chain, ask us to take a commercial review.