Helping you once you get there!

We are well placed to help with 'live' projects, whether ongoing or at final account stage. We like to be proactive, and take this approach whether trying to avoid problems or reviewing old ones.

Devoting the right commercial resource at the right time to a project is crucially important to financial success, and when employed correctly is an investment, not a cost!

We are able to help in a number of areas on projects, and would be delighted to review your requirements to see how best we can help you!

Amongst the things we can help you with are:-

Procurement, measurement and valuation, record keeping, cost and value reconciliation, accounts management, correspondence drafting etc.

In a difficult economic climate, it is vital that businesses protect themselves by securing their entitlements at the earliest possible stage to be at the head of the queue when it comes to payments. You might have the strongest case for payment, but if your debtor hasn't got the funds to pay you then your money is as good as lost . . .