Prostruction Commercial Services Ltd

We offer consultancy support services to the construction industry, serving main contractors, trade contractors, and any other businesses requiring assistance with commercial issues. With nearly twenty years' experience of high value construction projects and the associated account and contractual administration on both single and multiple sites we are well-placed to advise and serve.

In addition to consultancy support Mathew Cowell can act as an expert witness. He is also qualified as an Adjudicator and is able to accept appointments from contracting parties looking to mutually agree an appointment rather than use an Adjudicator Nominating Body.

We also welcome the opportunity to offer traditional quantity surveying and project management services to clients seeking to have construction work carried out. With the experience of seeing these processes from the contractor's perspective we are able to ensure that best value can be achieved and that a client's contractual position is protected.

We are able to assist at tender stage, construction stage, and post-construction to resolve outstanding commercial issues. We'd be happy to have a conversation about our services, undertake an initial review of any commercial matters, or almost anything.